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80 Mattress Trade and Sleep Statistics

2021-10-06 05:00:00

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**The knowledge offered on this article is just not meant to take the place of medical recommendation from a skilled doctor.  All the time seek the advice of with a doctor earlier than making any medical selections, starting remedy for a well being situation, or beginning a brand new health or food plan routine. 

Getting sufficient sleep each night time is essential.  In response to the Nationwide Coronary heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep deficiency could make it tough to recollect data, make selections, regulate habits and feelings, focus, study new data, and deal with change.  People who don’t get sufficient sleep every night time may have slowed response instances, want prolonged time to finish a activity, and be extra inclined to slide ups and errors.   

The CDC recommends that adults between the ages of 18 and 60 years get at the least 7 hours of sleep every night time.  Studying extra about sleep developments and mattress statistics can not solely assist you meet this really helpful requirement, but additionally discover the perfect mattress on your sleep wants, and make sure that the sleep you get is restful and restorative.  

We’ve compiled data from a spread of research and authoritative sources that spotlight essential statistics associated to wholesome sleep and the mattress trade.  Learn on!  

Mattress Trade Statistics 

1. Practically half (49%) of Individuals sleep on an innerspring or pillow prime mattress, in line with the Higher Sleep Council.  

2. 47% of American adults point out that they sleep on a queen-size mattress, making queen beds the most typical measurement (Statista).  

3. The international mattress market had estimated gross sales of $29 billion in 2019 (Zion Market Analysis).  

4. 30.3% of worldwide mattress gross sales in 2019 had been in North America (Grand View Analysis).  

5. Zion Market Analysis initiatives that international mattress gross sales will attain $47 billion by 2026.  

6. Millennials are much less more likely to spend as a lot on a mattress as Child Boomers.  Statista discovered that the typical quantity Millennials had been prepared to spend on a queen mattress in 2016 was $726, whereas the typical for Child Boomers was $1,036.  

7. As of August 2019, there have been 175 on-line mattress firms.  These retailers embrace GhostBedNectarAwaraPuffyDreamCloudOkiOkiPlush Beds, and Layla (CNBC).  

8. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, extra people shopped for a mattress on-line. In a single survey, 69% of web shoppers indicated that they didn’t wish to store in a bodily retailer on account of well being and security issues, 41% indicated that they had been capable of finding higher costs on-line, and 25% said that they didn’t have ample time to buy a mattress in individual (Mattress Occasions Journal, Higher Sleep Council).  

Sleep Habits and Basic Sleep Statistics  

9. In response to the CDC, the quantity of sleep you want every night time adjustments based mostly on your age.  Listed here are their suggestions for every age group: 

  • 0 to three months:  14-17 hours 

  • 4 to 12 months:  12-16 hours 

  • 1 to 2 years:  11-14 hours 

  • 3 to five years:  10-13 hours 

  • 6 to 12 years:  9-12 hours 

  • 13 to 18 years:  8-10 hours 

  • 18 to 60 years:  7+ hours 

  • 61 to 64 years:  7-9 hours 

  • 65+ years:  7-8 hours  

10. The common quantity of sleep Individuals get is 7 hours and 6 minutes (Science Advances).  

11. The bottom common every day quantity of sleep for adults is in Japan at 5 hours and 59 minutes, whereas the best common sleep for adults is in New Zealand at 7 hours and half-hour (Science Advances).  

12. In response to the American Psychological Affiliation, getting an additional 60 to 90 minutes of sleep every night time could make people more healthy, happier, and safer.  

13. 20 to 25% of sleep in wholesome adults is REM sleep (Wholesome Sleep).  

14. 48% of people report that they snore (American Sleep Affiliation).  

15. An particular person’s physique temperature drops between 1 and a couple of levels after they sleep (WebMD).  

16. Blood stress and coronary heart fee additionally change whenever you’re sleeping.  Throughout non-REM sleep, each are decrease and steadier, whereas they’ll improve throughout REM sleep (WebMD).  

17. 41% of adults choose sleeping in a fetal place, making it the most typical sleep place (Higher Sleep Council).  

18. 1 out of each 4 married {couples} studies that they sleep in a separate mattress (Higher Sleep Council).  

Dream Statistics 

19. After waking up, you overlook 50% of goals inside 5 minutes and 90% inside 10 minutes (Higher Sleep Council).  

20. We seemingly spend about 2 hours dreaming every night time (Nationwide Institute of Neurological Issues and Stroke).  

21. Probably the most vivid goals happen throughout REM sleep (Nationwide Institute of Neurological Issues and Stroke).  

22. Dreaming is a standard a part of sleep.  Not dreaming throughout sleep is commonly a sign of a persona dysfunction (Higher Sleep Council).  

23. Roughly 12% of people solely dream in black and white.  Earlier than the invention of coloration tv, the share was even larger (Higher Sleep Council).  

24. Individuals who lose their sight and turn out to be blind are nonetheless capable of view photographs throughout a dream.  Nonetheless, the goals of those that are born blind concentrate on sounds, feelings, contact, and scent (Higher Sleep Council).  

25. Throughout your dream, you may solely see faces that you’ve seen in actual life (although you might not truly bear in mind seeing these faces) (Higher Sleep Council).  

26. Whereas girls dream about each sexes equally, males usually tend to dream about different males (about 70% of their goals) (Higher Sleep Council).  

27. The vast majority of goals (65%) focus on anger, disappointment, or fear.  Solely 20% concentrate on happiness, and just one% are about sexual acts or emotions (Neuroscience)  

28. 80% of people with post-traumatic stress dysfunction expertise nightmares (Bustle).  

Sleep Deprivation Statistics 

29. 35.2% of adults within the United States (35.5% of males and 34.8% of ladies) get lower than 7 hours of sleep every night time (CDC).  

30. In response to the CDC, adults who get much less than 7 hours of sleep in a 24-hour interval usually tend to be bodily inactive, a present smoker, or overweight compared with those that get at the least 7 hours of sleep.  

31. Sleep deprivation can kill you extra shortly than hunger.  You possibly can go two weeks with out meals, however solely 10 days with out sleep (Higher Sleep Council).  

32. Primarily based on a research performed by the College of Warwick and Federico II College Medical College in Naples, Italy, people who get lower than 6 hours of sleep every night time are as much as 12% extra more likely to die a untimely dying.  

33. Sleep deprivation and insomnia may cause a mean employee to lose the equal of 11 days of productiveness over the course of a yr (The Washington Publish).  

34. Yearly, it’s estimated that 100,000 deaths in hospitals happen on account of medical errors, with sleep deprivation being the perpetrator for a lot of of those errors (American Sleep Affiliation).  

36. 4.7% of respondents to an American Sleep Affiliation research reported that they’d fallen asleep or nodded off whereas driving one or extra instances within the month previous the research.  

37. 1,500 deaths and 40,000 accidents happen every year in the USA on account of drowsy driving (American Sleep Affiliation).  

39. It’s estimated that sleep deprivation causes the USA financial system to lose as much as $411 billion every year (Rand Company).  

40. After turning into dad and mom, the typical quantity of sleep fathers get stays comparatively constant, whereas the typical quantity of sleep moms get decreases.  Every youngster in the home can improve the possibilities {that a} mom received’t get ample sleep by as much as 46% (Breaking Information English).  

41. In response to Harvard Well being, as many as 80% of psychiatric sufferers can undergo from persistent issues with sleep, in contrast with solely 10 to 18% of different adults.  

Sleep Apnea Statistics 

42. In response to the American Sleep Affiliation, obstructive sleep apnea impacts 25 million adults in the USA.  

43. Obstructive sleep apnea impacts an estimated 24 to 31% of males and 9 to 21% of ladies (American Sleep Affiliation).  

44. Canadian sleep apnea statistics 2017 famous that males had been thrice as seemingly as females to Share {that a} cherished one had advised them that they stopped respiratory of their sleep (Statistics Canada).  

45. Rising their physique weight by 10% could make people as much as six instances extra more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea, in line with the Journal of the American Medical Affiliation.  

46. 20% of people with an above common weight undergo from sleep apnea, in comparison with simply 3% of these with a mean weight (Johns Hopkins Medication).  

47. The American Sleep Apnea Affiliation estimates that between 1 and 4% of kids have sleep apnea.  Many of those youngsters are between the ages of two and eight.  

48. Sleep apnea dying statistics estimate that 38,000 folks die every year on account of coronary heart illness difficult by sleep apnea (American Sleep Apnea Affiliation).  

49. Sleeping in your facet, stomach, or again along with your head elevated on an adjustable mattress might assist scale back sleep apnea’s detrimental results.  

Different Sleep Issues Statistics 

50. Between 50 and 70 million adults in the USA have a sleep problem, in line with the American Sleep Affiliation.  

51. The most typical sleep problem is insomnia.  30% of adults report having at the least short-term insomnia troubles, whereas 10% report affected by persistent insomnia (American Sleep Affiliation).  

52. It’s estimated that between 135,000 and 200,000 people in the USA undergo from narcolepsy (Nationwide Institute of Neurological Issues and Stroke).  

53. 66% of people speak of their sleep, though solely 17% report doing so over the previous three months (Sleep Medication).  

54. People with parasomnia, a sleep problem that may trigger folks to carry out unnatural actions of their sleep, have dedicated numerous crimes. (Higher Sleep Council).  

55. Sleep strolling statistics from the PLOS One present that about 1.5% of adults and 5% of kids sleepwalked at the least as soon as prior to now yr.  

56. Roughly 8% of people will cope with a number of sleep paralysis episodes sooner or later throughout their lifetime (Sleep Medication Critiques).  

57. Sleep paralysis sometimes first begins in youngsters, nevertheless it happens most steadily in adults between 20 and 40 years previous (Sleep Training). 

58. Concern is chargeable for as many as 90% of sleep paralysis episodes (Nature and Science of Sleep). 

Sleep and Psychological Well being Statistics 

59. Insomnia impacts roughly 75% of adults affected by melancholy (MSD Guide).  

60. Signs of insomnia are current in over 90% of navy combat-related post-traumatic stress dysfunction instances (United States Division of Veteran Affairs).  

61. A research in Michigan revealed that contributors had been 4 instances as seemingly to develop melancholy in the event that they had been coping with insomnia (ScienceDirect).  

62. A connection has been made between early childhood sleep issues and adolescent borderline persona dysfunction signs (JAMA Psychology).  

63. In a research performed in Norway, contributors who pushed their regular bedtime again two hours, however obtained up on the identical time within the morning, had been much less more likely to really feel as fulfilled or enthusiastic as others.  With every day that their sleep was diminished, the detrimental impact was even better (Oxford Educational).  

Youngster and Teen Sleep Statistics 

64. Untimely infants can sleep for as much as 90% of the day (Journal of Physiology).  

65. Extreme sleepiness in the course of the daytime or sleeping issues are current in roughly 25% of younger youngsters (Journal of Physiology).  

66. 72.7% of excessive schoolers and 57.8% of center schoolers don’t attain the every day purpose for the really helpful quantity of sleep for his or her age teams (CDC).  

67. A few of the causes many teenagers don’t meet their really helpful sleep quantities embrace using smartphones or different screened gadgets earlier than mattress, busy faculty and work schedules, sleep issues, publicity to an excessive amount of mild within the evenings, and hormonal time shifts (Higher Well being Channel).  

68. Sleeping issues could also be current in as much as 70% of kids with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity dysfunction) (Journal of Translational Medication).  

69. 1 out of each 50 youngsters nonetheless moist the mattress (Higher Sleep Council).  

Faculty Scholar Sleep Statistics 

70. 60% of school college students said that they’d pulled a number of all-nighters (Behavioral Sleep Medication).  

71. Newpaper24 sleep statistics present that amongst school college students, an absence of sleep can have a detrimental impact on grades.  Every night time of interrupted sleep was tied to a 0.02-point GPA drop, for as much as a 0.14 lower in GPA (Newpaper24).  

72. As many as 60% of school college students don’t obtain good high quality sleep, and seven.7% of these college students undergo from an insomnia dysfunction (Neuropsychiatric Illness and Therapy).  

73. Faculty athletes that don’t get sufficient sleep have an elevated threat of harm (Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics).  

Sleep Help Statistics 

74. Grogginess, oversleeping, and bother with concentrating are skilled by roughly 80% of prescription sleep tablet customers (Sleep Issues).  

75. In response to the CDC, 8.2% of adults reported taking a sleep treatment 4 or extra instances over the previous week.  

76. 20% of adults in the USA say they’ve tried utilizing a pure sleep treatment during the last yr (Client Studies).  

77. Melatonin gross sales elevated by 500% between 2003 and 2014 (Journal of Medical Sleep Medication).  

Know-how and Sleep Statistics 

78. Sleep trackers are utilized by over 10% of adults to watch their nightly sleep (Statista).   

79. Ladies are roughly twice as seemingly to make use of sleep trackers as males (Statista).  

80. Blue mild publicity from digital screens causes a mean of 16 minutes of sleep loss every night time and a mean of seven.6 disruptions to sleep every night time (Science Each day).  

Ultimate Ideas 

Maintaining with sleep and mattress statistics and developments is essential.  It may assist determine alternatives the place you may make a constructive change to improve your sleep high quality, well being, or consolation.  In case your present mattress isn’t as much as the duty, then it might be time to improve to a new, extra comfy mannequin reminiscent of GhostBedNectarAwaraPuffyDreamCloudOkiOkiPlush Beds, and Layla

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