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Armed rebel: Congress votes to overturn the subsequent election

2021-01-14 20:49:28


The final time these slinking mongrels in Congress impeached President Trump, a virus from China was stalking our nation, poised to pounce and kill near 400,000 People.

In these essential early months of the worldwide pandemic, our federal authorities floor to a halt as Democrats in Congress pursued with blind fury a hotly partisan and clearly futile effort to take away Mr. Trump.

Democrats failed. Mr. Trump survived. Everybody knew the end result of the pretend charade from the beginning.

However as Democrats dawdled, bloviated and fawned for the cameras, the pandemic prevailed. If you wish to know why Democrats are so hellbent on blaming the China virus on Mr. Trump, it’s as a result of the blood is definitely on their palms.

Now comes Spherical Two of hopeless impeachment.

Nonetheless, the pandemic rages. This time all of them comprehend it. But, nonetheless, they pursue Mr. Trump with an ISIS-like zealotry in an effort to take away Mr. Trump a couple of days earlier than he leaves workplace anyway.

Really, these are essentially the most basically dishonest and unserious individuals ever to carry elected workplace. They’re a mockery of self-governance and exactly why Mr. Trump obtained elected within the first place.

You would possibly say Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi presides over a circus of untrained animals and diabolical clowns, however that may be an unkind insult to clowns and penned animals, frantically pacing forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards inside their confined cages.

Chatting with her social media mob, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York laid out Mr. Trump’s impeachable offenses.

“Lots of people have drank the poison of white supremacy and that’s what Donald Trump represents,” she mentioned. “Simply is.”

That’s proper. There’s the proof. There lies the proof. Overlook hearings. Overlook a trial.

“Simply is.”

Dangle him excessive!

In the event you actually wish to fire up one in every of these impeachment fanatics, simply ask them to level to the one single line in Mr. Trump’s speech from earlier than the raid towards the Capitol that “incited” the violence.

They go full Adam Schiff and begin making up quotes and manufacturing language that the president by no means used. Additionally, they refuse to acknowledge that the president implored his supporters to protest “peacefully.”

The explanation they can’t maintain hearings or maintain a trial is as a result of any such due course of would show that no such premeditated incitement of violence occurred.

If something, it was unpremeditated incitement of peaceable protest — also called our constitutional proper to free speech, free meeting and the suitable to petition your authorities. Peacefully.

Among the many clowns in Congress scrambling to shift blame for the mess they’ve made in Washington onto Mr. Trump are 10 Republicans within the Home. One in every of them is Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who’s within the chamber as a result of her father, Dick Cheney, was vice chairman.

I suppose we ought to be grateful that lastly somebody within the Cheney household has discovered an “armed rebel” that they aren’t lustily in favor of. Possibly Ms. Cheney would have been extra captivated with this eruption of violence if extra American troopers had been killed or maimed and it had value taxpayers $2 trillion.

One other impeachment zealot is Rep. Jim Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat. To his credit score, at the very least he’s trustworthy about his motives.

“This president have to be impeached and convicted,” he thundered. “And he have to be prevented from ever making an attempt to grab energy once more.”

There you’ve got it. This isn’t even about eradicating Mr. Trump from workplace within the last week of his presidency. It’s all about stopping him from ever working for workplace once more.

In different phrases, Congress is scrambling to overturn the subsequent election earlier than it even occurs. They’re determined to disclaim American voters the suitable to elect Donald Trump once more.

Speak about an rebel.

No surprise Liz Cheney is so enthusiastic about it.

• Charles Harm is opinion editor of The Washington Occasions. He will be reached at

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