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Elemental Weak point Chart – Genshin Impression Wiki Information

2020-10-17 23:30:24


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Fight in Genshin Impression revolves across the concept of Components. Regular Assaults from anybody however Catalyst customers offers non-elemental harm by default, however by using every character’s innate Elemental Abilities and Bursts, they will deal Factor harm, apply elemental results, or imbue their weapons with elemental energy, permitting their regular assaults to do lastly get in on the motion.

Elemental Reactions happen when two components come into contact with one another. With 6 character components and seven components present in some type on the monsters of Teyvat, there are numerous reactions that may happen, creating a fancy and oftentimes complicated fight loop. Having grasp of the Elemental Weak point Chart can drastically pace up fights, stop embarrassing deaths and, better of all, trigger huge harm.


All through Teyvat, 5 Components rule the roost; Pyro, Cyro, Electro, Hydro, and Anemo, and Geo representing Fireplace, Ice, Electrical, Water, Wind, and Earth respectively. A sixth, Dendro, represents Nature, however is simply discovered obstacles like shields and constructions manufactured from wooden, versus on characters and enemies.

The primary 4 will be thought-about major components, reacting with one another in numerous methods. Anemo and Geo, in the meantime, react with all components in a single (or two) methods, making them secondary components.

Elemental Response Results

Earlier than studying methods to successfully set off elemental reactions, it is necessary to know what every can do. From crowd-control to wreck over time, the weather can work in some ways:

  • Electro-Cost
    • Offers periodic Electro harm
  • Superconduct
    • Offers Cyro AoE harm and reduces the goal’s Bodily DEF
  • Overload
    • Explodes, dealing Pyro AoE DMG and breaking Geo-based Shields.
  • Soften
    • Offers harm of the Factor that induced the response


  • Vaporize
    • Offers Elemental AoE harm and removes Moist or Burning
  • Frozen
    • Freezes the goal in place for a time – Geo can then induce Shatter for large harm
  • Swirl
    • Reacts with the primary ingredient it connects with, inflicting harm of that sort and spreading its results
  • Crystallize
    • Generates a crystal that, when picked up, creates a protect based mostly on the ingredient that induced it, absorbing a set quantity of injury. Harm of the other or identical ingredient is absorbed much less or extra effectively.

Set off Elemental Reactions

In battle, it’s important to know the way the weather can work each in your favor and towards you. It begins by making use of an Affliction, then combining it with one other ingredient to trigger a response. For instance:

Utilizing a Hydro-based assault or stepping in water will inflict “Moist” on the goal. A Cryo assault would then trigger the Freeze chain response, rendering them motionless for a time. On this one case, utilizing a Geo assault on a Frozen goal would react and trigger Shatter, dealing appreciable harm and ending the chain.

Some targets, nevertheless, might be proof against this precise response – a Slime naturally encased in Cryo would resist the preliminary Hydro assault, stopping Moist from ever making use of. As an alternative, a Pyro assault might be used to inflict “Soften”, finally eradicating their ice armor, or a Geo assault might be used to inflict Shatter just like the top of the unique response.

Components can react collectively in a variety of methods for various results. Being inflicted with Moist might trigger your personal Electro assaults to set off Electro-Cost, dealing harm to your personal character over time, supplying you with a motive to take Pyro harm to set off Vaporize, eradicating the Moist situation and regaining stability on the battlefield.

Right here’s how every ingredient reacts to a different in battle:

  • Electro +
    • Pyro = Overload
    • Hydro = Electro-Cost
    • Ice = Superconduct
  • Pyro +
    • Electro = Overload
    • Ice = Soften
    • Hydro = Vaporize
  • Cryo +
    • Hydro = Freeze
    • Pyro = Soften
    • Electro = Superconduct
  • Hydro +
    • Cryo = Freeze
    • Pyro = Vaporize
    • Electro = Electro-Cost

Anemo and Geo can react with any ingredient, inflicting the Swirl or Crystallize impact respectively. Swirl offers harm matching the kind of ingredient it first comes into contact with and spreads its results to different targets as an AoE, making it nice for shortly making use of the identical impact to a number of enemies.

Geo, then again, reacts with a component to create crystals of that sort on the ground. Choose them as much as achieve an elemental protect – like Pryo. It should take elevated harm from negatively-reacting components like Hydro, however soak up additional harm from positively-reacting components like Cryo.



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