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Marvel’s SWORD Defined: What Is the Secret Company Teased in WandaVision? – NEWPAPER24




Marvel’s SWORD Defined: What Is the Secret Company Teased in WandaVision?

2021-01-16 00:24:36

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot larger in 2021, as WandaVision kicks off a complete new wave of sequence that construct on the fallout of Avengers: Endgame. The sequence even appears to verify one thing we have suspected because the launch of Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling. SWORD is about to make its MCU debut.What precisely is SWORD, and the way is it totally different from SHIELD and the opposite clandestine organizations we have seen within the MCU? We have a full breakdown of SWORD’s comedian e book roots and the way it may issue into the MCU in Part 4 and past. These are the subjects we cowl right here:

  • What Is Marvel’s SWORD?
  • SWORD’s Origin
  • SWORD’s Most Necessary Members
  • SWORD in Different Media
  • How SWORD (and Its Brand) Matches Into WandaVision and the MCU

SWORD: A Historical past of Marvel’s *Different* Spy Company

What Is Marvel’s SWORD?

For many years, SHIELD has been the premier peacekeeping company on Earth, monitoring threats throughout the planet and coping with the likes of Hydra, AIM and different organizations who threaten world peace. However what about threats from past Earth? What occurs when one of many many alien empires within the Marvel Universe decides to come back calling? That is the place SWORD is available in.

SWORD historically stands for Sentient Worlds Statement and Response Division. Working from an orbital house station known as The Peak, SWORD’s brokers monitor the cosmos and do their greatest to neutralize any extraterrestrial issues earlier than they make landfall. With a bit of luck, humanity won’t ever know the way shut they’ve come to being wiped off the face of the universe.

SWORD historically stands for Sentient Worlds Statement and Response Division.

SWORD’s Origin

Whereas SWORD has appeared in an excellent many Marvel tales over the previous 20 years, the company really has its roots within the X-Males franchise. The company first appeared in 2004’s Astonishing X-Males #5, by author Joss Whedon and artist John Cassaday.

SWORD initially performs a reasonably antagonistic position in that sequence. Below the management of the perpetually cranky and delinquent Abigail Model, SWORD kinds a tenuous alliance with an alien named Ord. His individuals, a warrior race from a planet known as The Breakworld, worry their prophesied destruction by the hands of a mutant. Somewhat than permit him to wipe out all life on Earth, Model convinces Ord to accept orchestrating the creation of a treatment for the mutant gene. When that fails, the Breakworld fires an unlimited steel projectile at Earth, one which might have obliterated the planet if not for Kitty Pryde’s useful phasing powers.

Since then, SWORD has settled into a daily position because the much more secretive sister company to SHIELD. Marvel even briefly revealed a devoted SWORD comedian in 2009, although the sequence was canceled after 5 points. SWORD was quickly phased out after the occasions of 2015’s Secret Wars, with the company successfully changed by a brand new incarnation of Canadian super-team Alpha Flight.

However within the wake of 2020’s X of Swords crossover, SWORD has returned in a brand new type. Now the company is extra carefully tied to the X-Males than ever, to the purpose that almost all of its commanding officers are mutants and Magneto is the official liaison with the mutant nation of Krakoa.

SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) – SHIELD is usually the dominant peacekeeping company on Earth, one that always works alongside heroes just like the Avengers to fight all method of supervillains and terrorist organizations. Whereas the trendy incarnation of SHIELD was fashioned after World Warfare II, few understand the group’s roots date again 1000’s of years. Even within the days of historic Egypt, humanity had a defend to protect towards threats like Galactus and the Brood.

SWORD (Sentient Worlds Statement and Response Division) – A direct offshoot of SHIELD, SWORD is tasked with monitoring extraterrestrial threats whereas its sister company focuses on enemies from inside.

HAMMER (full identify unknown) – After SHIELD failed to forestall a Skrull invasion of Earth, the company was scrapped and changed by the Norman Osborn-led HAMMER. True to type, Osborn makes use of his new company primarily as a way of furthering his personal agenda and placing the world’s worst villains in positions of energy. After Osborn’s crimes are uncovered, HAMMER itself is shuttered and a brand new model of SHIELD is created as a replacement.

SPEAR (full identify unknown) and STRIKE (Particular Tactical Response for Worldwide Key Emergencies) – Marvel has by no means been fully constant about whether or not SHIELD is sponsored by the US authorities alone or the complete United Nations Safety Council. As such, different world nations generally type their very own SHIELD equivalents. STRIKE is a British company, whereas China kinds SPEAR after the occasions of 2013’s Infinity.

ARMOR (Altered-Actuality Monitoring and Operational Response Company) – If SWORD is chargeable for safeguarding towards threats from different worlds, ARMOR’s job is to safeguard towards different dimensions and realities. This obscure company helps forestall the apocalyptic plague from the Marvel Zombies universe from gaining a foothold within the common Marvel Universe.

SWORD’s Most Necessary Members

Whereas the ranks of SWORD have a tendency to vary, the company has just a few acquainted faces who crop up.

Abigail Model – Model is the commander of SWORD, basically the company’s equal of Nick Fury. Although nearly nothing is thought about her previous, Model is a half-alien who carries the mutant gene (therefore her distinctive inexperienced hair). She’s additionally perpetually cranky and delinquent, which makes her good at her job however wins her few allies in SHIELD or among the many superhero group.

Sydren – It would not do to workers an intergalactic peacekeeping company with solely Earthlings. Sydren is an alien from the planet Drenx. As Model’s right-hand-man, he is mainly indispensable, although his Cobra Commander-esque lisp tends to drive her up a wall.

Beast – A lot of the X-Males would simply as quickly have Model keep aboard the Peak and away from Earth, however not Beast. A scientist first and a superhero second, Beast is fascinated by SWORD’s operations and infrequently works alongside Model’s crew. He and Model have even fashioned a romantic relationship, to the shock of everybody else round them.

Lockheed – The X-Males have been thrown for a loop once they found Kitty Pryde’s pet dragon Lockheed is definitely a spy for SWORD. It seems Lockheed can be a polyglot whose mastery of quite a few alien languages makes him a precious asset.

Henry Peter Gyrich – This back-stabbing authorities agent has made enemies of mainly each hero on Earth, so it was inevitable he’d discover a new gig at SWORD. Gyrich is put in as co-commander in an effort to assist the federal government maintain nearer tabs on Model. Predictably, the 2 do not get alongside one bit.

Spider-Girl – Jessica Drew is as a lot a undercover agent as she is a superhero. And after a Skrull impostor ruins her repute on a worldwide scale, Spider-Girl finds solace in leaving Earth behind and taking over a brand new mission with SWORD.

SWORD in Different Media

Having debuted again in 2004, sufficient time has handed that SWORD has begun trickling out into different Marvel media. Most importantly, each Agent Model and SWORD characteristic in a number of episodes of the animated sequence Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Model additionally seems in Iron Man: Armored Avengers, although in that case she’s depicted as an agent of SHIELD. Two significantly SWORD-heavy comics – Astonishing X-Males and Spider-Girl, Agent of Sword – have additionally been tailored into animated movement comedian format.Agent Brand in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Agent Model in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

SWORD seems to lastly be making its live-action debut due to the post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling and the debut of WandaVision, nevertheless it practically appeared a lot earlier within the MCU timeline. A deleted scene from 2011’s Thor options Erik Selvig referencing a “SWORD database,” and Brokers of SHIELD govt producers Jed Whedon and Jeffrey Bell confirmed they tried unsuccessfully to incorporate SWORD in earlier seasons of the present. In each instances, it is unclear whether or not Marvel would even have been allowed to reference SWORD within the MCU whereas the X-Males film rights have been nonetheless at Fox. Happily, that is not a difficulty.

How SWORD (and Its Brand) Matches Into WandaVision and the MCU

Plenty of Easter eggs within the first two episodes of WandaVision all however affirm SWORD has lastly arrived on the scene, together with what appears to be like to be the company’s emblem. One of many many mysteries surrounding the sequence, nevertheless, is why the occasions of WandaVision would fall below SWORD’s mandate. Harmful although her powers are, why is Wanda Maximoff on the radar of an company whose mission is to watch different worlds?

The reply could lie within the SWORD identify. Primarily based on a sequence of digital buying and selling playing cards from Topps, it seems the SWORD acronym within the MCU is totally different than that of the comics – Sentient Weapon Statement Response Division. Somewhat than deal with extraterrestrial threats particularly, it might appear this model of SWORD is meant to be a safeguard towards any dwelling being whose powers threaten the world. Regardless of the true reason behind Wanda’s sitcom-flavored hallucinations, Monica Rambeau and her fellow SWORD brokers could also be working to forestall her powers from spilling out into the broader world.


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