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Mentally in poor health individuals prone to die earlier, Singapore, Well being Information – NEWPAPER24



Mentally in poor health individuals prone to die earlier, Singapore, Well being Information

2019-06-13 00:12:02

About half of sufferers with psychological well being issues additionally find yourself with continual ailments, which scale back their life expectancy by about 20 years in contrast with the final inhabitants.

The Nationwide Healthcare Group’s (NHG) guide, River Of Life, lists the life expectancy of 891 Institute of Psychological Well being (IMH) sufferers who died between 2015 and 2016 as 64.three years. The nationwide common is 83.1 years.

Half of those sufferers additionally had continual bodily illnesses, mentioned NHG, which takes care of IMH.

Specialists informed The New Paper that psychological well being points can have a direct impression on bodily well being, so psychiatric sufferers are at larger threat of getting bodily sicknesses.

This has additionally been documented worldwide.

Dr Sharon C. Sung, assistant professor on the well being providers and methods analysis programme at Duke-NUS Medical College, mentioned: “In the latest Singapore Psychological Well being Examine, researchers discovered that roughly 50 per cent of these with a psychological well being situation additionally had a continual bodily well being situation.”

The specialists harassed that because of this it is necessary to not view and deal with the 2 circumstances in isolation.

Dr Alvin Lum, head of medical care at IMH, mentioned the correlation may be attributed to sure drugs and elements that analysis has discovered can result in elevated metabolic sicknesses akin to diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and weight problems in sufferers with psychological sicknesses.

He mentioned some psychological health- associated elements that may trigger bodily issues embrace smoking, lack of bodily actions, poorer medical care, passivity in direction of screening exams and unhealthy diets.

Dr Lum added: “That is linked with larger morbidity and mortality for sufferers with psychological sicknesses, resulting in discount in life expectancy.”

Dr Angelique Chan Wei-Ming, affiliate professor on the well being providers and methods analysis programme, Duke-NUS Medical College, mentioned: “Depressed sufferers typically report extra continual ache.

“The connection between thoughts and physique is bi-directional.

“Having continual ache, incapacity or mobility limitations can result in melancholy, social isolation and loneliness.”

Dr Chan mentioned loneliness can even predict mortality.

She mentioned the psychological resilience of a person can even have an effect on their physique’s capacity to get well from bodily damage.

Dr Lum informed TNP that IMH additionally screens sufferers for bodily illnesses and referrals might be made to the medical care clinic.

Its staff of household drugs docs will comply with up with and stabilise sufferers with metabolic circumstances.

He mentioned: “Though there are some sufferers who refuse therapy for his or her bodily illnesses or should not compliant with therapy, we have to attain out to them, construct rapport with them and clarify the significance of such administration.”

A 50-year-old man who was identified with schizoaffective dysfunction mentioned he felt hopeless when he came upon that he had diabetes 10 years in the past after which glaucoma three years later.

He feared he would lose his leg to diabetes and his eyesight to glaucoma.

“I typically hoped I might not stay too lengthy,” he informed TNP.

With assist from psychological well being specialists, he has since come to phrases along with his psychological and bodily illnesses.

The specialists famous that psychological wellness and resilience typically has to start out at a younger age.

Madam Choy Wai Yin, director of steerage, pupil improvement curriculum division, within the Ministry of Schooling (MOE), mentioned the ministry has a staff of specialists who’re skilled within the related fields of psychology, counselling and prevention science.

They monitor pupil well-being, design curriculum and programmes to help psychological well-being, in addition to conduct coaching and session for college personnel to implement the psychological well being programmes.

“The MOE specialists, along with college counsellors and academics, work carefully as a multi-disciplinary staff to help our college students’ psychological well being,” Madam Choy mentioned.

“The psychological well-being of our younger ones can’t be left to varsities alone. It have to be the shared duty of fogeys, colleges and the neighborhood at massive.

“Every of those events performs an essential half in offering the required steerage and help for our youngsters.”

This text was first revealed in The New Paper. Permission required for copy.


Need some muscle groups women? By no means thoughts the naysayers, simply do it – NEWPAPER24




Need some muscle groups women? By no means thoughts the naysayers, simply do it

2019-06-15 10:16:10

You realize summer time is right here when, on the fitness center, you see a sudden inflow of males hoping to make positive aspects in what little time is left, and ladies trying to form their excellent seaside our bodies, fuelled by social approval for staying match. For girls, reward turns into criticism while you grow to be too muscular by Hong Kong requirements. By no means thoughts that power coaching has confirmed well being advantages, and having a poor physique picture impacts psychological well being: a latest ballot of some 4,500 respondents by the Psychological Well being…

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60 Methods Sugar Can Smash Your Well being – NEWPAPER24




60 Methods Sugar Can Smash Your Well being

2019-06-15 05:00:00

Sugar is without doubt one of the most dangerous and addictive substances that you would be able to eat, because it’s related to numerous metabolic ailments.1 These days, it is present in virtually every little thing you eat.
Actually, the typical American consumes round 17.Four teaspoons of sugar per day — that is greater than 5 teaspoons increased than the typical sugar consumption really useful by the U.S. Dietary Tips for Individuals, 2015-2020.2 A 2015 article from The Washington Publish states that the U.S. even ranks first within the nations that eat the best quantity of sugar.3
In keeping with a research printed within the Journal of the Academy of Diet and Dietetics, round 75% of packaged meals offered in supermarkets include added sugar. This consists of processed meals like candy snacks, cereals, vitality drinks, fruit juices and baked items. It is even current in toddler meals and child components, exposing kids to quite a few well being points at a really younger age.4
However avoiding sugar is just not so simple as skipping candy meals, as savory meals, like salad dressing and pizza, include this ingredient as properly. Sugar hides behind 61 completely different names in meals labels, the commonest of which embody sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, molasses, maple syrup, glucose, maltose, lactose and fruit juice focus, amongst others.5,6

What makes sugar so addicting?

If you eat sugary meals, the reward heart of your mind, referred to as the nucleus accumbens, is stimulated by elevated indicators of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that performs a job in your notion of enjoyment.7
As a result of consuming sugar makes you are feeling good, you are prone to eat it typically. As you eat extreme quantities of sugar regularly, your physique’s dopamine indicators change into weaker and also you develop tolerance, so you must eat extra sugar to get the identical degree of reward, finally leading to sugar dependancy. For this reason producers use sugar to drive your conduct.8
There have been many research relating to the addictive potential of sugar.9,10 For example, a 2018 evaluate printed within the British Journal of Sports activities Drugs states that “sugar has been discovered to provide extra signs than is required to be thought of an addictive substance.”
It reveals drug-like results similar to bingeing, craving, tolerance, withdrawal, cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance and cross-dependence.11 One other research printed within the journal Neuroscience states that intermittent bingeing on sucrose and abusing medication can each enhance extracellular dopamine within the nucleus accumbens.12

60 methods sugar can break your well being

Extreme sugar consumption is related to continual metabolic issues, similar to Kind 2 diabetes, weight problems and coronary heart illness.13 Other than these, there have been quite a few research spanning a long time that exhibit the opposite methods wherein consuming an excessive amount of sugar can result in detrimental results to your well being. I counted 60 of those well being dangers, divided into 4 classes:


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Nutrient imbalance or deficiency

  1. Upsets the mineral relationships in your physique14
  2. Causes chromium deficiency15
  3. Interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium16
  4. Will increase complete ldl cholesterol, triglycerides and dangerous levels of cholesterol17
  5. Decreases good levels of cholesterol18
  6. Lowers vitamin E ranges19

Behavioral modifications

  1. Results in dependancy and intoxication, much like alcohol20,21
  2. Will increase hyperactivity22 and depressive signs23
  3. Causes problem in concentrating and drowsiness24
  4. Reduces studying capability and may trigger studying problems25
  5. Will increase the chance for delinquent conduct26
  6. Decreases emotional stability27
  7. Will increase the chance for alcoholism28

Elevated threat of ailments

  1. Promotes most cancers cell progress29
  2. Will increase fasting ranges of glucose30,31
  3. Will increase blood strain ranges32
  4. will increase platelet adhesion, which may put you prone to arterial thrombotic situations33
  5. Results in formation of kidney stones and gallstones34,35
  6. Promotes extreme meals consumption by fast sugar absorption36
  7. Will increase the chance for weight problems37
  8. Decreases insulin sensitivity, resulting in excessive insulin ranges and finally diabetes38
  9. Causes reactive hypoglycemia39
  10. Triggers dizziness40 and complications, together with migraines41
  11. Makes you extra vulnerable to gastrointestinal tract issues42
  12. Promotes continual degenerative ailments43
  13. Causes atherosclerosis and cardiovascular ailments44
  14. Causes cataracts and nearsightedness45
  15. Could result in autoimmune ailments like arthritis, bronchial asthma and a number of sclerosis46
  16. Will increase the chance for lung most cancers47
  17. Contributes to osteoporosis48
  18. Promotes the development of Parkinson’s illness49
  19. Will increase the chance of gout and Alzheimer’s illness50,51
  20. Will increase acidity of the saliva and causes tooth decay and periodontal ailments52,53
  21. Promotes uncontrolled progress of Candida Albicans (yeast an infection)54
  22. Results in toxemia in being pregnant55
  23. Worsens signs of kids with consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD)56
  24. Could result in epileptic seizures57

Bodily impairments

  1. Impairs metabolic processes in a traditional wholesome particular person58
  2. Suppresses the immune system, which will increase threat of contracting infectious ailments59
  3. Reduces tissue elasticity and performance60
  4. Results in weaker eyesight61
  5. Speed up growing old62
  6. Will increase superior glycation finish merchandise whereby sugar molecules connect to proteins and find yourself damaging them63
  7. Impairs DNA and collagen construction64
  8. Alters collagen construction65
  9. Worsens indicators of pores and skin growing old66
  10. Lowers the flexibility of your enzymes to operate67
  11. Promotes fats accumulation within the liver68
  12. Will increase the chance for kidney and pancreatic harm69,70
  13. Contributes to salt and fluid retention71
  14. Impacts urinary electrolyte composition72
  15. Impairs regular operate of the adrenal glands73
  16. Compromises lining of capillaries74
  17. Weakens your tendons75
  18. May cause a rise in delta, alpha and theta mind waves, which ends up in the lack to suppose clearly76
  19. Causes hormonal imbalances77,78
  20. Will increase free radicals and oxidative stress79
  21. Results in substantial lower in gestation, with a twofold elevated threat for delivering a small-for-gestational-age toddler80
  22. Causes dehydration amongst newborns81
  23. Impacts carbon dioxide manufacturing when given to infants82

How one can handle sugar dependancy

It is by no means too late to kick your sugar-loading habits to the curb. Listed below are a few of my suggestions to assist handle or restrict your sugar consumption:

1. Restrict your sugar consumption — Sugar in its pure type is just not dangerous supplied that it is consumed moderately. Usually, your complete sugar consumption needs to be under 25 grams per day from all sources, together with sugar that you simply get from complete fruits. Nevertheless, in case you have insulin or leptin resistance, it is ultimate to restrict your fructose consumption to as little as 15 grams per day till you have normalized your insulin and leptin ranges.

2. Keep away from high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) — This sweetener is created from corn and located in lots of the meals gadgets that you simply eat and drink immediately. It is thought of to be harmful not solely due to the quantity of sugar that it incorporates, but in addition due to the well being dangers that it will probably trigger, most of that are talked about above.83

fructose overload

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3. Enhance your consumption of wholesome fat — Wholesome fat, similar to omega-Three fatty acids, saturated fat and monounsaturated fat, are your physique’s most popular supply of gasoline. One of the best sources of those embody grass fed butter, coconut oil, free-range eggs, wild-caught Alaskan salmon, avocado and uncooked nuts like pecans and macadamia.

4. Add fermented meals into your weight loss program — Consuming fermented meals like kimchi, natto, natural yogurt and kefir could assist cut back the unfavourable results of extreme sugar in your liver by supporting your digestive operate and detoxing.

5. Drink pure water — As an alternative of ingesting sweetened drinks like soda and fruit juices, I like to recommend that you simply rehydrate your physique with pure, clear water.

6. Strive the Emotional Freedom Strategies (EFT) — Meals cravings are typically triggered by an emotional want, similar to wanting to alleviate stress or really feel somewhat happier after a tiring day.84 EFT is a straightforward and efficient psychological acupressure approach that would show you how to handle the emotional parts of your cravings.

It has been confirmed to assist relieve emotional traumas, ease phobias and post-traumatic stresses, break down meals cravings and reduce bodily ache and discomfort. What EFT entails in its practitioners is to have the appropriate mindset when occurring a weight loss program or simply taking steps to enhance on their well being. In case you’re already curious, you may flick thru the fundamentals of EFT right here.

Other than the suggestions talked about above, I like to recommend exercising on daily basis, together with optimizing your vitamin D ranges, getting sufficient sleep and managing your stress ranges. These methods could assist decrease the results of extreme sugar consumption. Train specifically is understood to enhance insulin sensitivity,85 cut back stress ranges,86 suppress ghrelin (the urge for food hormone),87 pace up metabolism,88 strengthen bones89 and enhance your temper.90
It may be fairly tough to say no to sweets, particularly in case you have been consuming them each day, however as soon as you are feeling the results that decreasing your sugar consumption has in your physique, it’ll all be price it.

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‘Right down to Earth’ – The Earthing Film – NEWPAPER24




‘Right down to Earth’ – The Earthing Film

2019-06-15 05:00:00

Grounding, additionally referred to as earthing, is a scientifically-supported well being apply that has been largely ignored by mainstream medication regardless of a physique of proof for its effectiveness. Grounding is solely inserting your naked toes on the bottom to avail your physique of the electron-enriched earth.

Why does grounding have optimistic well being results? As a result of undesirable free radicals in your physique are positively charged whereas the electrons acquired from the earth by way of the soles of your toes are negatively charged. Because of this, free radicals are neutralized by grounding, and research have proven this may usually occur rapidly.1

In revealed medical analysis, grounding has proved efficient in opposition to persistent irritation (possible by thinning the blood), ache, stress and sleep difficulties. It has additionally proven effectiveness in bettering the vital stability between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous methods. Coronary heart and respiratory advantages are additionally being explored as are grounding’s skill to assist folks reduce weight.

Now, a brand new documentary “Right down to Earth — The Earthing Film,” by which I’m lucky sufficient to seem, explains the science behind grounding and the way the apply of grounding has dramatically improved the lives of sufferers.

A chemical catastrophe results in new curiosity in grounding

Rebecca and Josh Tickell are acclaimed movie makers identified for his or her 2012 documentary movie, “The Large Repair,” which explores the results of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill on human well being. The movie additionally investigates BP’s aggressive use of the controversial oil dispersant Corexit, which stored the world from figuring out the extent of the spill.2

Rebecca Tickell herself suffered from publicity to Corexit, she says in “Right down to Earth,” which she narrates. She skilled adversarial results, together with a cough and pronounced pores and skin rash. Medical doctors warned her the publicity would possibly imply she would have bother conceiving or bearing kids, however the Tickells accepted the danger and tried to have kids. Rebecca suffered a miscarriage.

When Rebecca conceived once more, docs mentioned the child could be born with start defects however, fortunately, was wonderful. Nevertheless, for 2 years the Tickells’ daughter Athena struggled with persistent diseases and was continuously out and in of hospitals.

The Tickells explored all doable therapies, each conventional and various. Nothing labored till they got a replica of the guide, “Earthing: The Most Vital Well being Discovery Ever?” The premise of the guide, says Rebecca, is that “by planting your toes on the bottom your physique will start to heal itself.” 

Extra results of deepwater oil spill on people

The Tickells weren’t the one people to undergo from the chemical substances used within the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Jamie Griffin, who fed tons of of cleanup staff within the Gulf Mexico, had excessive reactions to chemical substances just like the dispersant Corexit, Grist reported:3

“Inside days, the 32-year-old single mom was coughing up blood and struggling fixed complications. She misplaced her voice. ‘My throat felt like I might swallowed razor blades,’ she says. Then issues acquired a lot worse.

Like tons of, probably hundreds, of staff on the cleanup, Griffin quickly fell unwell with a cluster of excruciating, weird, grotesque illnesses. By July [two months after the spill], unstoppable muscle spasms have been twisting her palms into immovable claws.

In August, she started dropping her short-term reminiscence. After cooking professionally for 10 years, she could not keep in mind the recipe for vegetable soup; one morning, she acquired within the automobile to go to work, solely to find she hadn’t placed on pants.

The appropriate facet, however solely the best facet, of her physique ‘began appearing loopy. It felt just like the nerves have been popping out of my pores and skin. It was so painful. My proper leg swelled — my ankle would get as huge as my calf — and my pores and skin acquired extremely itchy.’

‘These are the identical signs skilled by troopers who returned from the Persian Gulf Struggle with Gulf Struggle syndrome,’ says Michael Robichaux, a Louisiana doctor and former state senator, who handled Griffin and 113 different sufferers with comparable complaints.”


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Animal and ecological results from oil spill

Because the Tickells level out within the “Large Repair,” the usage of Corexit hid the overt indicators of spilling oil and made the general public and information media assume the spill was minor. But, in 2015, Stay Science reported:4

“As much as 10 million gallons (38 million liters) of crude oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill has settled on the backside of the Gulf of Mexico, the place it’s threatening wildlife and marine ecosystems, based on a brand new examine.

The discovering helps resolve the thriller of the place the ‘lacking’ oil from the spill landed. Its location had eluded each the U.S. authorities and BP cleanup crews after the April 2010 catastrophe that triggered about 200 million gallons (757 million liters) of crude oil to leak into the Gulf.”

Furthermore, the dispersants produced shrimp with no eyes or eye sockets, eyeless crabs, crabs with delicate as an alternative of arduous shells, shells with no spikes and clawless crabs. “They appear like they have been burned off by chemical substances,” fishermen advised information media.5 Tragically, the spill additionally killed an estimated 800,000 birds and 65,000 turtles, but few keep in mind the spill right now or maintain BP accountable.6

Grounding’s solely skeptics are those that have not tried it

Many have been, and proceed to be, skeptical about grounding. Even Clint Ober, thought-about the founding father of the earthing concept, admits in “Right down to Earth” that he questioned the speculation for 20 years as a result of “it simply did not make sense” and “sounds absurd.”

The invention of artificial shoe soles in 1960, which started the sneaker revolution that’s now the working shoe revolution, “accidently disconnected us from the earth,” says Ober, however at that time nobody knew the implications of “dropping our floor.” Our love affair with footwear, and particularly artificial soled footwear, has triggered the proliferation of irritation associated well being problems we see right now, he says.

Ober says he was so intrigued by this concept, he bought all his worldly items and pursued a back-to-the-earth way of life. He discovered an anesthesiologist in San Diego who agreed to assist him with a scientific trial, principally to “humor” him for the reason that anesthesiologist was positive grounding would show ineffective.

The anesthesiologist and Ober grounded 60 sufferers, and there have been dramatic outcomes. Irritation, ache, premenstrual syndrome and temporomandibular joint dysfunction all however disappeared. “Everybody slept higher too,” says Ober. The speculation was gaining floor, pun supposed.

The human physique is electrical

A part of our skepticism about grounding would possibly come from the truth that folks don’t consider their our bodies as electrical. But, it’s electrical energy that permits your nervous system to ship indicators to your mind, transmitting from cell to cell in virtually prompt communication. Electrical energy additionally controls the rhythm of your coronary heart, the motion of blood round your physique and your circadian rhythms.

Folks understand {that electrical} exercise is what makes defibrillators work and restore coronary heart rhythm, however the physique also can harness {the electrical} cost of the Earth as “Right down to Earth” demonstrates. In a dramatic instance, Ober stands barefoot on the bottom holding {an electrical} meter that reveals his physique is conducting power.

Subsequent to him, sporting tennis footwear, is a person who will not be conducting power, based on the identical meter. But, when Ober, who’s grounded, touches the person in tennis footwear, he receives the power from Ober and the meter lights up.

There may be one other possible profit to grounding. It appears to cut back the undesirable voltage induced in your physique from electrical energy in your setting, corresponding to that from energy stations, Wi-Fi networks and the electromagnetic fields which have develop into ubiquitous in developed nations.

A medical physician discovers grounding

Dr. Laura Koniver, a common practitioner, found grounding by chance, she says within the documentary. Her lately born child had develop into very colicky — all the time crying — however when she introduced the child to pediatricians they have been unable to assist.

Koniver discovered when she was carrying the child whereas she was outdoors and barefoot, the child calmed down and relaxed. But, when she put footwear again on, the colicky and crying conduct virtually instantly got here again. It appeared to be an indication of 1 human conveying the electron power to a different, as Ober confirmed with the person sporting tennis footwear.

Furthermore, says Koniver, the calming impact of grounding couldn’t be defined by the placebo impact as a result of the child couldn’t probably have identified whether or not or not Koniver was sporting footwear.

Extra advantages from grounding

There are different compelling tales in “Right down to Earth”: A instructor who says her autistic pupil couldn’t sit for a couple of seconds however when “grounded” was capable of sit for seven minutes; a person’s 92-year-old mom whose peripheral artery illness improved a lot she was really enjoying tennis once more.

However there’s additionally robust scientific assist for grounding, corresponding to this 2011 examine revealed within the Journal of Different Complementary Drugs, which states:7

Earthing of an electrically insulated human organism throughout night time relaxation causes decreasing of serum concentrations of iron, ionized calcium, inorganic phosphorus, and discount of renal excretion of calcium and phosphorus.

Earthing throughout night time relaxation decreases free tri-iodothyronine and will increase free thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone. The continual earthing of the human physique decreases blood glucose in sufferers with diabetes.

Earthing decreases sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, complete protein, and albumin concentrations whereas the degrees of transferrin, ferritin, and globulins α1, α2, β, and γ enhance. These outcomes are statistically vital …

Earthing the human physique throughout leisure and through bodily exercise is accountable for the rising glucose utilization by the cells in NIDDM. Lack of contact with the Earth might trigger reverse results and will be the cause for a number of problems (diabetes, weight problems, and hypertension).

Our experiments have proven that contact of the human physique with moistened floor of the Earth by way of a copper conductor can affect calcium–phosphate homeostasis. The impact of earthing of the human physique in a recumbent place on calcium–phosphate homeostasis is reverse to that which happens in states of weightlessness.”

Completely satisfied ending for the tickells

As their daughter Athena started to floor increasingly, the Tickells observed “a dramatic shift in her well being,” and the little lady didn’t go to the hospital for a 12 months for the persistent respiration issues that had plagued her.

In the meantime, a progressive physician steered Rebecca attempt grounding herself, and “the whole lot modified,” she says. She started to sleep by way of the night time, her power ranges shifted and he or she reclaimed her libido. After six months of grounding, Rebecca misplaced an astounding 50 kilos.

The burden loss will not be a shock, mentioned Ober when he visited the Tickells. The primary impact of grounding is quieting the sympathetic nervous system, which permits the adrenals to recuperate from adrenal fatigue. When ache, stress, irritability and melancholy are ushered out of the physique by way of grounding, the proper hormones can floor, says Ober, and power and metabolism rise.

The Tickells have come a great distance since their publicity to the oil dispersant Corexit throughout the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon. Fortunately for them and those that view “Right down to Earth,” the expertise helped them to find grounding.

In regards to the Director

I imagine in bringing high quality to my readers, which is why I wished to Share some details about the filmmakers, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, from “Right down to Earth.” Right here is a bit more in regards to the Tickells and what went in to creating this movie. Thank you to Josh and Rebecca for sharing with us.

What was your inspiration for making this movie?
Our daughter struggled with croup for the primary few years of her life. Her throat would develop into infected to the purpose she couldn’t breathe. All of this led to many emergency room and hospital visits, to not point out two frazzled dad and mom. 
After we met Earthing pioneer Clint Ober, issues started to vary. He launched us to the idea of Earthing and confirmed us how you can cease irritation by connecting our our bodies to the Earth. After that we by no means went again to the ER with our daughter for croup once more. As soon as we realized the science behind Earthing we realized how vital this topic is. We have been compelled to Share the story in a manner that would attain thousands and thousands of folks and rework their lives for the higher.

What was your favourite a part of making the movie?

An enormous shock to us was that after I (Rebecca) started Earthing, my hormones balanced, lifelong melancholy was lifted and I misplaced 80 kilos! It was unimaginable to be learning a topic that was instantly impacting me in such a serious manner. 

The place do the proceeds to your movie go?

The proceeds go towards spreading consciousness of Earthing.

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